Wedge Antilles Actor Turned Down The Force Awakens Because It Would Have Bored Him

Scottish actor Denis Lawson was offered a role for Episode VII but declined it because the concept bored him.

Many of the familiar characters from the original Star Wars Trilogy are set to return in Episode VII released next week, but one of the fan-favorite supporting characters Wedge Antilles who appeared in all three of the original movies will not be returning:

“I’m not going to do that … They asked me but it just would have bored me.”

The Wedge Antilles actor told the UK’s The Courier when asked about Wedge Star Wars.

Denis Lawson rejects Star Wars role
Denis Lawson rejects Star Wars role

Denis Lawson, real-life uncle of actor Ewan McGregor, played X-wing pilot and Rebel officer Wedge Antilles in the original trilogy and is the only known character to have survived both Death Star Battles.

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So it seems that the Wedge Antillies actor doesn’t want to allow his Star Wars work to forever dominate his destiny.

Wedge Antilles in Return Of The Jedi
Wedge Antilles in Return Of The Jedi

Wedge Star Wars Factfile

The character Wedge Antilles was a fighter pilot for the Rebel Alliance, and founded Rogue Squadron with Luke Skywalker. Wedge is noted for being the only Rebel pilot to have survived both attacks on the Death Stars at the Yavin and Endor. He also appears in the Star Wars expanded universe, most notably as the lead character in most of the X-Wing novels.

Wedge Antilles first appears in Star Wars: A New Hope during the Rebels’ Death Star attack briefing. In this scene Wedge is portrayed by Colin Higgins and voiced by David Ankrum, who dubs the character throughout the film. Denis Lawson plays the character for the remaining scenes filmed in the X-wing cockpit. Lawson also plays Antilles in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. In the former, Lawson’s voice was dubbed over by an unidentified actor, while Lawson used his own voice in the latter, hiding his natural Scottish accent with an imitation of an American accent.

Star Wars Legends books explains that Wedge’s parents were killed when his parents’ starship-refueling depot exploded. He piloted a freighter before joining the Rebel Alliance as a fighter pilot.

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