Episode VIII Will Be Called : The Last Jedi

The sequel to The Force Awakens has a very ominous title.

It was announced today that Star Wars Episode VIII will be called The Last Jedi.

Is Rey the last Jedi?
Is Rey the last Jedi?


Could the title mean that Luke will die?  Or perhaps, it might mean Jedi in plural, just meaning Luke and Rey and any other Jedi that might decide to join them.

What we do know for certain, is that The Last Jedi will be dark as is suitable for act II of a Star Wars series.  It is also directed by Rian Johnson who is known to make more interesting and quirky movies.

For the first time, the Star Wars logo is also emblazoned in what could be called ‘Sith red’. The other Star Wars middle movies tipped the balance of power towards the evil villains as in The Empire Strikes Back and Attack Of The Clones.

We also know that The Last Jedi will begin immediately after the events of The Force Awakens, with no time gap in between.


So who is the last Jedi?  Luke, Rey or the group of them?  We will have to wait until December to find out!

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