Most Violent Teaser For The Force Awakens Supports PG-13 Certificate

The latest TV spot for The Force Awakens is perhaps the most violent showcase for Star Wars The Force Awakens, giving more evidence that this will be one of the darkest Star Wars movies after it its recent PG-13 certification.

War torn battles are the theme here showing that the Galaxy is again at war.

Opening with a dramatic red sky behind a battalion of First Order stormtroopers.

Solo's still got it.
Solo’s still got it.

Among the highlights of the teaser are Han Solo shooting a trooper sending him flying backwards and Poe Dameron leading his X-wing aquadron into battle.

A guided missile finds its target
A guided missile finds its target

Supreme Leader Snoke played by Andy Serkis can be heard telling Kylo Ren that even he has never faced such a test, suggesting that Snoke will be the new Sith Jedi Master of the new movies.

Just over 20 days to go now before release!