When I Saw Star Wars The Return Of The Jedi At The Movies

Star Wars The Return Of The Jedi

Although I was Star Wars mad as a kid in the eighties and then again as a young adult in the nineties, I was actually too young to experience Starwars A New Hope, or Empire Strikes Back at the cinema.

As fate would have it in 1983, I would be old enough to go and see Star Wars The Return Of the Jedi at the movies and so I have vivid memories of the experience.


Seven years old, I went with my dad to an old fashioned type cinema, back in those days two or three screens was the norm.

Queuing around the block outside in the dark was also normal for big movie releases.

At this point I had already seen the first movie on TV several times, but I hadn’t seen The Empire Strikes Back, because (a) we didn’t have a video player and (b) ESB wasn’t available on video in 1983 and wouldn’t be for another few years.

Luke carrying Vader

My favourite scenes are near the end during the Battle Of Endor, those space fights around the Star Destroyers and the Death Star just looked epic and in my opinion no other movie matched it for many years.

One of my favourite things about Star Wars is how timeless it is. I think the movies still looked great in the Nineties, they didn’t look aged at all, but in the late seventies, early eighties they looked fantastic and nothing else touched them.

Back at school, Star Wars would stay fashionable and we would act out scenes in the playground for at least another six months or so but then the vogue started to fade and was pretty much forgotten about most people by the mid-eighties.

I never quite forgot it though during the sleepy years and then in 1991 a certain book became a best seller and effectively relaunched the Star Wars universe again.

But that is for another blog post…