George Lucas Influences Rogue One during studio tour

The Father of Star Wars George Lucas took a tour of the Rogue One Design Department

Although Lucas sold all the rights to Star Wars for $4 Billion in 2014 to Disney, the legendary visionary had ideas for The Force Awakens which were rejected in favor of J.J.Abrams plans.

However, Rogue One director Gareth Edwards recently spoke to Total Film about George Lucas’ visit to the design department.

Gareth Edwards X Wing


As you would expect when the creator of a franchise which has gripped the imaginations of millions takes a tour around the Rogue One design department, something was clear from the beginning to Edwards:


“whatever [Lucas] liked was pretty much guaranteed to be in the film,” 

Edwards says that sitting in the department was a prop that they couldn’t fit into the movie.


“a helmet we loved but didn’t know where to put it; there wasn’t really an opportunity to use it. [Then Lucas] walked past it and went ‘That’s cool, I like that'”

Not surprisingly then, that led to a renewed determination to put the mysterious helmet in the film, as the offhand comment by Lucas spurred Edwards into action:

“looked at each other like, ‘OK, we have to put that in the film!'”


Rogue One out December 15th
Rogue One out December 15th

Unfortunately, Edwards stopped short of giving us a description of the helmet in question so it’ll be hard to spot in the movie, but hopefully he’ll let us in on which one it is after the movie is released. 

Directed by Gareth Edwards and starring Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Ben Mendelsohn, Forest Whitaker, and Alan Tudyk, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is scheduled to open in UK on December 15, 2016 and in the US a day later.

George Lucas Interview Reveals What He Thinks of New Star Wars

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, George Lucas seemed fairly relaxed and a little mischievous in some of his answers.

In exactly one month today, Star Wars The Force Awakens is released, the first new Star Wars movie for over 10 years.

But what does the creator that started it all George Lucas make of this new situation?

Lucas said that after pouring his heart into a movie and having it destroyed by critics, he stopped finding the process as fun.

“You can’t experiment,” Lucas says in the video. “You have to do it a certain way. I don’t like that, I never did. I started out making experimental film and I want to go back to experimental films.”

George Lucas has struggled with Prequel Criticism
George Lucas has struggled with Prequel Criticism

Despite talking about the harsh criticism he received for the three prequel editions of the Star Wars franchise, Lucas managed to keep the tone of the video pretty light overall.

At one point, Lucas is asked which Star Wars character he would be if given the option. The director responds that although he loves all the characters found within the franchise, he had to go with Jar Jar Binks, which was presumably a joke.

Lucas did talk briefly about Abrams’ upcoming installment, The Force Awakens, and said that he wanted to know what happened to Darth Vader’s grandchildren (a question used to fluster Abrams in an earlier interview about possible untold secrets) and he was curious to see what Abrams’ decided to do with the Force.

14 cool facts you didn’t know about George Lucas young!

Finding out about George Lucas young.

Star Wars was a BIG part of my childhood so I wanted to find out about the Young George Lucas biography. How did he get to make such an iconic franchise?

Here are 14 Cool facts about George Lucas young:


George Lucas’ parents owned a stationery store in California

Before deciding to be a film maker, George Lucas wanted to be a racing driver! 

His love of cars served as inspiration for his senior project at University, the movie 1:42.08 and later on American Graffiti.

In 1962 George Lucas neary died in a car accident whilst driving his souped up Autobianchi Bianchina. The accident caused George to lose interest in motor racing as a career.


george lucas young

George Lucas began filming at Modesto Junior College with an 8mm camera and liked to film car races

At University, George and his dorm mates were known as The Dirty Dozen 

It was at USC, that George became friends with Steven Spielberg acclaimed student film maker

The US Air Force turned down George Lucas because of his numerous speeding tickets! 

Lucas was drafted by the army for Vietnam, but got exempted from service after tests showed he had diabetes, the disease that had killed his grandfather

Lucas and Spielberg

After re-enrolling at USC as a graduate student and teaching other students, his short film Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB won first prize at the National Student film festival and would later be adapted into his first feature film THX 1138 

Although THX 1138 was unsuccessful, afterwards Lucas created his own company Lucasfilm and directed American Graffiti which was more successful

With his new found wealth George Lucas began to develop a story set in space called Star Wars, which although difficult in getting made, ended up restoring 20th Century Fox’s financial stability after a number of flops

Before making the first Star Wars movie, Lucas famously renegotiated his contract with 20th Century Fox to give him the rights to merchandising and sequels.

The rest is history, Star Wars became a phenomenon raking in some $38 billion in almost 40 years and sold to Disney in 2012 for $4 billion.

For some fans, the more recent prequel movies soured the Star Wars franchise with its more childish antics, over-reliance of CGI, sometimes questionable actor performances and generally less interesting story lines, but it’s the prequels (partly funded by the Special Editions of the late nineties) that made Star Wars a multi-billion jugger-naught of entertainment.

I learnt a lot about imagination, dreaming, and setting goals from my love of Star Wars. I have found having an open mind and being prepared to do what others will not do very helpful indeed. I hope you enjoyed this George Lucas Biography!