What Did The Star Wars Y Wing Do?

The Star Wars Y Wing was the main fighter craft for the Rebel alliance which offered versatility in an effort to combat the Imperials.

Manufactured by Koensayr, the BTL Y wing fighter was a small bomber craft suited to hit and run missions where a lot of firepower such as proton torpedoes were required.

Not the fastest snub-fighter available, but the Y wing fighter makes up for its slow speed with hyperspace capability, a large load of different weapons and shields.

BTL-A4 Y-Wing Starfighter
BTL-A4 Y Wing Starfighter

If Y wings are flown in a large group, they can stand up to nearly any type of small fighter.

In its war with the Empire, the Rebels lost more Y wings than any other craft but it was also the first Rebel fighter to have a hyper drive which allowed it to operate independently in combat without the need for capital ships. Although an R2 droid unit was required on-board to calculate hyperspace trajectories and power settings for any hyperspace jump.

The Star Wars Y wing was also the only rebel craft that was equipped with an ion canon, until the B-wing came along.  The Ion canon could disrupt a fighters electronics, effectively disabling craft instead of destroying it. However, the ion cannon was notoriously unreliable. Their crystal matrices could move out of alignment during flight and required a lot of maintenance time.

The Y wing fighter has two models that were in use by the Rebel Alliance.

The S3 was a two seater so the second pilot could control the ion canon accurately, whereas the A4 was a single seater fighter that had a more advanced hyperdrive computer for long distance missions.

Y Wing at the Rebel Base on Yavin 4
Y Wing at the Rebel Base on Yavin 4

Y wing fighter Fact File

Most of the Y wings used by the Rebel Alliance are so heavily stripped down, they hardly resemble the stock models which are completely sheathed in body shells. Because the aged ships required constant repairs and modifications, the over-worked Rebel technicians opted to remove the repair panels permanently, tired of removing them to access the inner machinery.

As well as the delicate ion-cannon system, parts of the Y wings cooling system also required maintenance after every flight. This was because the cooling system was very complex due to the Y wing running very hot for a ship of its size.

Y-wings had less visibility from the cockpit compared to later models such as the X-wing. But most of the Y wings in the Rebel fleet are over two decades old.

The twin sensor system which targeting sensor arrays were located at the front of each wing, acted as binocular range-finding. When both arrays were working, the Y wing’s targeting precision was superior to the X wings, one reason why the Y wing was the primary attack craft in the Death Star trench.

For the Battle of Yavin, the Y wings were equipped with two Arakyd proton torpedo launchers holding four MG7-A torpedoes each.

Due to limited resources and the fact that MG7-A nuclear proton torpedoes were so expensive, the X-wings were armed with a limited supply of torpedoes and Luke Skywalkers X wing was fitted with only a single pair of torpedoes for the attack against the first Death Star.


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  1. “In its war with the Empire, the Rebels lost more Y wings than any other craft” because they flew Y-Wings more than anything. Y-Wings are the most versatile ship in the rebel arsenal there is a good reason why they flew it until the formation of the New Republic. Also, it’s apparent succesor B-Wing was less maneuverable and slower than Y-Wings while being much harder to pilot due to gyro cocpit. Y-Wings were a blessing for the Alliance.

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