Should Kathleen Kennedy be fired from Lucasfilm?

Dealing with division in Star Wars and other parts of our lives

I haven’t posted here for a while and I was saddened to see my last post was shortly after the release of Rogue One.  Good and happy times right?

So what has happened in the last eighteen months?  Quite a lot apparently.

The Last Jedi turned out to be very divisive for our more vocal section of Star Wars fandom.  So much so, that many ‘hater’ youtube channels sprang up demanding that Kathleen Kennedy be fired.

That, in combination of the fact that Solo: A Star Wars Story was released a mere six months later (not a great idea in hindsight), resulted in Solo actually losing money at the box office from many fans staying away.

Solo is actually a good movie, I really enjoyed it and feel it is an honest old fashioned action-packed romp true to the classic Star Wars DNA.  We were even treated at the end with a surprise cameo by Darth Maul.

Solo movie loses money
Solo movie loses money

My thoughts on The Last Jedi?  After my first viewing I was genuinely disappointed with Luke’s death although I though as a movie it was solid enough.  Having said that, on later viewings I’m not so sure.  I think it’s safe to say it’s one of the weaker Star Wars movies.  Potentially, it could have been great – lets face it we all wanted to see Luke pulling Star Destroyers out of the sky!

Focusing on Luke’s death again, I think had Luke not died at the end of the movie and done something just as impressive as he did anyway I don’t there would have been such a fan backlash.

Luke Skywalkers Death

Comparing TLJ with the prequel trilogy, I personally think TLJ is a better movie than Attack of the Clones (I really don’t like that movie).  There was of course lots of hate for the prequels, but don’t forget social media didn’t exist at the time of the prequels – something I’m sure George Lucas was relieved about in hindsight.

But this division of Star Wars fans while sad, shouldn’t be a surprise in an era of Donald Trump and of course Brexit.

Literally in the last few days there is also strong indications that the Obi Wan spin-off movie has been cancelled alongside Rian Johnson’s planned trilogy.

Let’s hope Episode IX is a strong movie for the sake of the future of Star Wars!


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