Remember The AtAt Star Wars Vehicle?

Reliving the AtAt Star Wars Vehicle

The Star Wars ATAT was not my favorite toy from my childhood collection, but I have vivid memories of opening up my huge present on Christmas Day.

Like most Christmas mornings as a kid, I played with my new toys in the living room near the Christmas tree and had to be eventually dragged to the dinner table when lunch was ready!

Now, the new movies are on the horizon (the second set of new movies, this time ‘sequels’ if you are keeping up) but there is not a Star Wars ATAT in sight!

Your options if you desire an AT-AT (All Terrain Attack Transport) are either a lego offering or the real mccoy that we all know and love!


The recent ATAT that was launched a few years ago is MUCH LARGER than the vintage model of the early eighties.

To give you an idea of size, you can fit 4 or more figures just inside the head alone, and a ton of figures can be fit inside the main body section.

The modern ATAT also features a projectile firing gun in addition to the moving cannons that the original had. Other new features include multiple grappling hooks that lift figures from the ground up to the platform (which

can now be opened from both sides), lots of different electronic sounds and the rear of the At At opens up to deploy the stowed away speeder bike which is included with the modern At At.

ATAT battle
ATAT battle

Now these have stopped being made, they are quite expensive and I’m not sure if they are worth some of the prices being offerered, but the At At is certainly an iconic toy that Father and Son will both enjoy playing with┬átogether! ­čśë

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AT-AT fact file:

The ATATs were deployed as weapons of terror as they advance on the battlefield like unstoppable giants.

These behemoths are shielded with heavy armour making them invulnerable to all weapons except the heaviest turbolasers.

ATAT specs
ATAT specs

Breaking enemy lines with its blaster fire and lumbering mass, the walker also functions as a troop carrier, holding in its body up to 40 assault troopers, ground weaponry, and speeder bike vehicles. The troopers are quickly deployed to the ground via boom racks and high-speed cable winches.

The ATAT is simply too heavy to use repulsorlifts so its long lumbering legs are perfect for striding over obstacles and rugged terrain.

Until the Battle of Hoth, no army had ever fought against an onslaught of walkers, so frightening and devastating is their presence. Imperial forces deployed ATATs on Hoth after discovering the location of the Rebel base, the ATATs goal to penetrate and destroy the base. The Rebel Alliance fought valiantly and although they managed to down a few ATATs they were soon overwhelmed by the lumbering vehicles firepower.


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  1. I confess, I loved all the BIG BEASTIES from Star Wars, War of the Worlds (1 & 2), and even Dark Crystal. I also love whales and dinosaurs. no toys for me….I want the real deal. Great piece! Kate

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