Han Solo Fridge included with Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition

Would you like a mini Han Solo fridge with a frozen encased Han Solo in carbonite on the front?

As Han Solo himself would say “Just what I always wanted!“.


han solo fridge
han solo fridge

This is a very cool looking Han Solo Fridge depicting Han Solo in a frozen state as seen in The Empire Strikes Back.

Now you can own one by buying from WalMart for $130 and choosing a free included copy of the PS4 or XBox One version of Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition!


Han Solo fridge
Han Solo fridge

The mini Han Solo fridge holds up to six cans and is an official Star Wars product. It includes a carry handle, a removable shelf and has cooling and warming functions. The Han Solo fridge  measures 10 x 7.48 x 12.2 inches.

Of course, if you don’t want the damn fridge, or don’t want to go to Walmart and just want some Star Wars Battlefront action, then click here!


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Incom T70 Xwing in Episode 7 The Force Awakens

We all saw the X-Wings in both teasers for The Force Awakens.

But they looked a little different, some hard core fans shouting that it wasn’t an Xwing and in fact Z-95 Headhunters which you could play in the Xwing video games.

But JJ Abrams has officially announced that they ARE Xwings!


Xwing T70
Xwing T70 from The Force Awakens


With the wings closed, the Incom T-70 X-Wing does look a little like the Z-95 Headhunter, but the main difference is that if you look closely you can see the wings can split into an X shape, or better put the S-Foils can lock into Attack Formation!

The Z-95s had only two fixed wings which could not split.

So that settles that then.

X-wing T70
X-wing T70


I am encouraged to see that JJ Abrams is determined to bring Cool back to Star Wars, as the ship designs were a little lacking in the prequel movies.

The original Star Wars movies were about a used war-torn galaxy which I think JJ is trying to replicate with the new sequel movies.

 Z95 headhunter

Z95 headhunter


Xwing T-70 main differences

The parts that appear to be intake vents are cylindrical in (1), but half-cylinders in (2) that form a complete cylinder when the wings are in closed configuration.

Faster than the Rebel Alliance-era T-65s, Resistance X-wings are maneuverable enough to engage TIE fighters in dogfights, but powerful enough to take down capital ships. The credit-strapped Resistance relies on X-wings donated or lent by sympathetic New Republic senators and local security forces.

The T-70 model has an underslung blaster cannon, mag-pulse launcher (EMP weapon) and can operate as a fighter as well as a bomber. The S-foil wings on a T-70 model interlock side by side, compared to the the T-65B’s wings that sit on top of each other when closed.

The T-70’s side profile is also more aerodynamically sleek and more needle like than the slightly more angular T-65B.

I loved the Xwing, it was probably my favourite ship (I loved the Millenium Falcon too, but the Xwing looks better) and was the primary fighter of the Rebel Alliance which featured in all three of the original movies and two major battles of Yavin and Endor.

Jjabrams with an x-wing
Jjabrams with an x-wing

Incom T-65B X-wing Facts

  • Four laser cannons on each wing tip, can be fired individually, as pairs or as quads for more powerful blasts.
  • Deflector Shield gave the edge in combat over a standard Tie-Fighter which didn’t have shields.
  • Hyperdrives also gave Xwings the upper hand over Ties as they didn’t need landing ships and could operate independently
  • Dual photon torpedo tubes that launched slow but powerful warheads.
  • Astromech droid slot for flight assistance and repairs
  • Four fusial engines that allowed space and atmospheric flight.


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14 cool facts you didn’t know about George Lucas young!

Finding out about George Lucas young.

Star Wars was a BIG part of my childhood so I wanted to find out about the Young George Lucas biography. How did he get to make such an iconic franchise?

Here are 14 Cool facts about George Lucas young:


George Lucas’ parents owned a stationery store in California

Before deciding to be a film maker, George Lucas wanted to be a racing driver! 

His love of cars served as inspiration for his senior project at University, the movie 1:42.08 and later on American Graffiti.

In 1962 George Lucas neary died in a car accident whilst driving his souped up Autobianchi Bianchina. The accident caused George to lose interest in motor racing as a career.


george lucas young

George Lucas began filming at Modesto Junior College with an 8mm camera and liked to film car races

At University, George and his dorm mates were known as The Dirty Dozen 

It was at USC, that George became friends with Steven Spielberg acclaimed student film maker

The US Air Force turned down George Lucas because of his numerous speeding tickets! 

Lucas was drafted by the army for Vietnam, but got exempted from service after tests showed he had diabetes, the disease that had killed his grandfather

Lucas and Spielberg

After re-enrolling at USC as a graduate student and teaching other students, his short film Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB won first prize at the National Student film festival and would later be adapted into his first feature film THX 1138 

Although THX 1138 was unsuccessful, afterwards Lucas created his own company Lucasfilm and directed American Graffiti which was more successful

With his new found wealth George Lucas began to develop a story set in space called Star Wars, which although difficult in getting made, ended up restoring 20th Century Fox’s financial stability after a number of flops

Before making the first Star Wars movie, Lucas famously renegotiated his contract with 20th Century Fox to give him the rights to merchandising and sequels.

The rest is history, Star Wars became a phenomenon raking in some $38 billion in almost 40 years and sold to Disney in 2012 for $4 billion.

For some fans, the more recent prequel movies soured the Star Wars franchise with its more childish antics, over-reliance of CGI, sometimes questionable actor performances and generally less interesting story lines, but it’s the prequels (partly funded by the Special Editions of the late nineties) that made Star Wars a multi-billion jugger-naught of entertainment.

I learnt a lot about imagination, dreaming, and setting goals from my love of Star Wars. I have found having an open mind and being prepared to do what others will not do very helpful indeed. I hope you enjoyed this George Lucas Biography!

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Remember The AtAt Star Wars Vehicle?

at-at hasbro

Reliving the AtAt Star Wars Vehicle

The Star Wars ATAT was not my favorite toy from my childhood collection, but I have vivid memories of opening up my huge present on Christmas Day.

Like most Christmas mornings as a kid, I played with my new toys in the living room near the Christmas tree and had to be eventually dragged to the dinner table when lunch was ready!

Now, the new movies are on the horizon (the second set of new movies, this time ‘sequels’ if you are keeping up) but there is not a Star Wars ATAT in sight!

Your options if you desire an AT-AT (All Terrain Attack Transport) are either a lego offering or the real mccoy that we all know and love!


The recent ATAT that was launched a few years ago is MUCH LARGER than the vintage model of the early eighties.

To give you an idea of size, you can fit 4 or more figures just inside the head alone, and a ton of figures can be fit inside the main body section.

The modern ATAT also features a projectile firing gun in addition to the moving cannons that the original had. Other new features include multiple grappling hooks that lift figures from the ground up to the platform (which

can now be opened from both sides), lots of different electronic sounds and the rear of the At At opens up to deploy the stowed away speeder bike which is included with the modern At At.

ATAT battle
ATAT battle

Now these have stopped being made, they are quite expensive and I’m not sure if they are worth some of the prices being offerered, but the At At is certainly an iconic toy that Father and Son will both enjoy playing with together! 😉

Click Here to Check Prices and Availability


AT-AT fact file:

The ATATs were deployed as weapons of terror as they advance on the battlefield like unstoppable giants.

These behemoths are shielded with heavy armour making them invulnerable to all weapons except the heaviest turbolasers.

ATAT specs
ATAT specs

Breaking enemy lines with its blaster fire and lumbering mass, the walker also functions as a troop carrier, holding in its body up to 40 assault troopers, ground weaponry, and speeder bike vehicles. The troopers are quickly deployed to the ground via boom racks and high-speed cable winches.

The ATAT is simply too heavy to use repulsorlifts so its long lumbering legs are perfect for striding over obstacles and rugged terrain.

Until the Battle of Hoth, no army had ever fought against an onslaught of walkers, so frightening and devastating is their presence. Imperial forces deployed ATATs on Hoth after discovering the location of the Rebel base, the ATATs goal to penetrate and destroy the base. The Rebel Alliance fought valiantly and although they managed to down a few ATATs they were soon overwhelmed by the lumbering vehicles firepower.


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Who Played Luke Skywalker? 2 Exciting Luke Skywalker Videos Reveal All…

Mark Hamill The Force Awakens

So Who Played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars?

Mark Hamill who played Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars movies in 1977-1983 and is now set to reprise his role as an older Jedi Master in the upcoming new Star Wars movie Episode VII The Force Awakens released in December 2015.
  1. 9 Things You Didn’t Know About who played Luke Skywalker

    Mark Hamill had a car crash shortly after making the first movie which disfigured his face.

  2. Luke Skywalker’s new costume for Episode 7
See Luke Skywalker’s new Jedi costume for Episode 7 The Force Awakens.  It looks very similar to Obi Wan Kenobi’s costume.
Mark Hamill
Mark Hamill
Mark Hamill Car Crash
Towards the end of filming Star Wars A New Hope in January 1977, Hamill was speeding in a BMW in southern California and had taken a wrong turn. He says he didn’t realise how fast he was driving as he negotiated a ramp and crashed his car injuring his nose and cheek bone.
His nose had to be reconstructed in surgery and accounts for a visibly different appearance in The Empire Strikes Back. Hamill is seen with a larger, squatter nose than before.
Part of the Wampa scene in The Empire Strikes Back was changed to account for Hamill’s different appearance in the story.

Mark Hamill fact file
As well as the Star Wars movies, Mark Hamill who played Luke Skywalker also starred in Corvette Summer (1978), The Big Red One (1980), and Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015).
Mark Hamill is also well known for his voice acting, in particular a role he has played for many years since 1992 for the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series.
Hamill was born in Oakland, California and has 2 brothers and 4 sisters. He had to change schools frequently as a boy because his father was a captain in the Navy and changed stations.
Before Star Wars, Hamill had appeared in a few TV shows including General Hospital, and some TV movies. Hamill’s friend Robert Englund (yes, Freddy Krueger) had seen auditions for Luke Skywalker and thought Hamill would be perfect for the role. Hamill signed up to the audition and won the part.
Because Star Wars was an unexpected enormous success, Hamill was keen to avoid being typecast and later appeared in comparatively low-budget films the most well known being The Big Red One. He then decided to act on Broadway during the 1980’s until he returned to movies in 1989 with Slipstream. 
During the 1990’s, aside from his voice acting work, Hamill almost fell into obscurity with his most high profile role arguably being Christopher Blair in the video games Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger, and Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom. Hamill will return in Star Citizen, another Chris Roberts video game.
Wing Commander III
Wing Commander III
Hamill had since appeared in various TV shows and low-profile movies, until Disney announced their acquisition of Lucasfilm and their plans to make new Star Wars sequels involving Luke Skywalker and other characters from the original movies.
in 2015, Hamill played a role as an academic professor in Kingsman: The Secret Service, and later returned as Luke Skywalker in The Force Awakens after 22 years away from the role. Mark Hamill will also appear as Skywalker in Star Wars Episode VIII released in December 2017.
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