Did you know the Millennium Falcon would cost $3million a year to run?

It would cost over $3million per year in repairs alone just to keep the Millennium Falcon in service, British engineering firm SGS has calculated.

• The infamous Star Wars spaceship would cost $3,079,388 per year in repairs and maintenance 

• Engineering firm’s calculations show that Captain Han Solo would need to be a multi-millionaire just to run the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy

Ahead of the launch of the seventh instalment of the Star Wars franchise, ‘The Force Awakens’, later this month, SGS estimates that annual maintenance bills alone would top seven figures.

With a reputation for being unreliable, the ship – known as the fastest hunk of junk in the Galaxy –  would require more than $500,000 in mechanical man hours alone, while replacements parts would see captain Solo, played by Harrison Ford, hit for a further three quarters of a million.


SGS used official data of annual maintenance costs of commercial jets, fighter jets and standard mechanical labour rates as the basis for its calculations. For full details and images please see here.

SGS Millennium Falcon Running Costs

SGS Millennium Falcon Running Costs

Originally built as a freighter, the Falcon measures 111ft from nose to tail is 82ft wide, and has a maximum cargo hold of 100 metric tonnes. Its defining feature, however, is its 0.5 light speed which means it can famously outrun any ship in the galaxy.

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At over 50 years old the Millennium Falcon has had a hard life that’s included navigating asteroid fields, countless crashes and taking on fully-operational Death Stars. This makes for an extensive repair list: faulty hyperdrives, smashed-off sensor dishes, malfunctioning internal systems to name but a few.

SGS’ estimates are based on an ‘average’ year, the already considerable maintenance costs would be expected to rise even more in times of battling the Empire.


Andy Wyatt, founder and owner of SGS Engineering, said:

“There have been several estimates about how much it would cost to build the Millennium Falcon from scratch – but as Han Solo wins the ship, so didn’t have to fork out for its construction, we wanted to find out how much the Falcon would dent his wallet just to keep it running.

Anything mechanical that is known as a hunk of junk is going to be expensive to upkeep.

The Falcon’s age and numerous modifications over its lifetime play a big part in ramping up the maintenance costs, not to mention the odd run in with the dark side.

We’re not professing that these are definitive calculations, there is a certain amount of conjecture in there – after all there’s not much to base a replacement hyperdrive on – but they do give a good idea of just how much of a financial burden the Millennium Falcon would have been on Solo.

Although we can see why George Lucas would choose not to make these financial worries a central plot in the storyline. Lightsabres are far more interesting than Solo’s budgets.”

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