Is the Star Wars V wing an early Tie-Fighter?

Very similar to the Jedi Starfighters, the Star Wars V wing fighter was the latest fighter to be used by the Galactic Republic and then the Galactic Empire at the end of the clone wars.

The V wings fighter design and technology would eventually be used to produce both the Imperial Tie-Fighter and the Rebel A-wing interceptor.

One of the newer and more numerous fighter craft defending the Galactic Republic, V wings are sharp, compact support ships deployed in epic fleet actions or in defense of fortress worlds.

Launched in furious swarms from the Republic’s carriers and warships, these fast agile starfighters are frustratingly elusive targets and their swiveling twin laser cannons make them surprisingly deadly opponents. V wings are piloted by a single clone trooper backed up by an independent Q7 Series astromech droid.

Like many models mass produced for Loyalist forces, V wings are too compact for a hybrid drive, but carry a powerful reactor and used two vertically places ion drive thrusters for astonishingly fast pitch turns.

Streamlined mass production techniques prompted the V wing to replace the v-19 Torrent as the preferred compact space superiority fighter.

Developed by Kuat Systems Engineering, the same company that produced Jedi starfighters, the Alpha 3 Nimbus V Wing utilizes cutting edge technology for maneuverability, making it far more nimble than a ARC-170, and the best choice for clone pilots to engage in dogfights against speedy vulture droids and Tri-Fighters.

Bracketing the wedge-shaped v wing are a set of flat wings extending above and below the ship. The wings are on articulated collars that allow them to rotate 90 degrees for landing. Two pairs of laser cannons are mounted on the wing struts, providing the v wing with rapid fire capability.

V Wings flying alongside Venator class Destroyers
V Wings flying alongside Venator class Destroyers

Because the V wings were too compact to have a hyperdrive, they were often carried into battle by Venator class star destroyers. V wing fighter pilots, usually clones had to wear specially sealed outfits and helmets as the V wing did not include a life-support system.

V Wing during the Clone Wars
V Wings in Star Wars:Dark Times

Appearances of the V wings

Due to the fact there just aren’t that many space battles in the prequel Star Wars movies and that the V wing is supposed to be an Imperial ship, the pre-cursor to the Tie-Fighter, we only get a fleeting glimpse of a V wing at the end of Episode III Revenge of the Sith. For more V wing action, check out the Expanded Universe’s Star Wars:Dark Times:The Path To Nowhere comics.

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