Final Full Length Trailer Reveals More Dialogue And Settings

The second international trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens, otherwise known as the Chinese Trailer will likely be the last full length trailer you will see before release.

With just a few days before the movie is finally released, all that remains are a few 30 second TV Spots to maintain the all-encompassing hype machine.

So let’s sit back and enjoy this final full-length trailer which reveals…

Solo talking┬álovingly to his ship the Falcon, I won’t spoil the dialogue here, watch the trailer to hear it!

Rey and BB-8 in Forest
Rey and BB-8 in Forest

More conversation between Rey and BB-8, apparently they are both classified, whatever that means but no doubt critical to the plot. The image above is not from the trailer but one of a group of recently released stills.

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Falcon and Xwings in The Force Awakens
Falcon and Xwings in The Force Awakens

And, what seems to be a new space scene featuring asteroids, or planetary rings the Falcon and the X-wings!

For me personally, it’s just 4 more sleeps, woot!


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