Incom T70 Xwing in Episode 7 The Force Awakens

We all saw the X-Wings in both teasers for The Force Awakens.

But they looked a little different, some hard core fans shouting that it wasn’t an Xwing and in fact Z-95 Headhunters which you could play in the Xwing video games.

But JJ Abrams has officially announced that they ARE Xwings!


Xwing T70
Xwing T70 from The Force Awakens


With the wings closed, the Incom T-70 X-Wing does look a little like the Z-95 Headhunter, but the main difference is that if you look closely you can see the wings can split into an X shape, or better put the S-Foils can lock into Attack Formation!

The Z-95s had only two fixed wings which could not split.

So that settles that then.

X-wing T70
X-wing T70


I am encouraged to see that JJ Abrams is determined to bring Cool back to Star Wars, as the ship designs were a little lacking in the prequel movies.

The original Star Wars movies were about a used war-torn galaxy which I think JJ is trying to replicate with the new sequel movies.

 Z95 headhunter

Z95 headhunter


Xwing T-70 main differences

The parts that appear to be intake vents are cylindrical in (1), but half-cylinders in (2) that form a complete cylinder when the wings are in closed configuration.

Faster than the Rebel Alliance-era T-65s, Resistance X-wings are maneuverable enough to engage TIE fighters in dogfights, but powerful enough to take down capital ships. The credit-strapped Resistance relies on X-wings donated or lent by sympathetic New Republic senators and local security forces.

The T-70 model has an underslung blaster cannon, mag-pulse launcher (EMP weapon) and can operate as a fighter as well as a bomber. The S-foil wings on a T-70 model interlock side by side, compared to the the T-65B’s wings that sit on top of each other when closed.

The T-70’s side profile is also more aerodynamically sleek and more needle like than the slightly more angular T-65B.

I loved the Xwing, it was probably my favourite ship (I loved the Millenium Falcon too, but the Xwing looks better) and was the primary fighter of the Rebel Alliance which featured in all three of the original movies and two major battles of Yavin and Endor.

Jjabrams with an x-wing
Jjabrams with an x-wing

Incom T-65B X-wing Facts

  • Four laser cannons on each wing tip, can be fired individually, as pairs or as quads for more powerful blasts.
  • Deflector Shield gave the edge in combat over a standard Tie-Fighter which didn’t have shields.
  • Hyperdrives also gave Xwings the upper hand over Ties as they didn’t need landing ships and could operate independently
  • Dual photon torpedo tubes that launched slow but powerful warheads.
  • Astromech droid slot for flight assistance and repairs
  • Four fusial engines that allowed space and atmospheric flight.


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