George Lucas Interview Reveals What He Thinks of New Star Wars

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, George Lucas seemed fairly relaxed and a little mischievous in some of his answers.

In exactly one month today, Star Wars The Force Awakens is released, the first new Star Wars movie for over 10 years.

But what does the creator that started it all George Lucas make of this new situation?

Lucas said that after pouring his heart into a movie and having it destroyed by critics, he stopped finding the process as fun.

“You can’t experiment,” Lucas says in the video. “You have to do it a certain way. I don’t like that, I never did. I started out making experimental film and I want to go back to experimental films.”

George Lucas has struggled with Prequel Criticism
George Lucas has struggled with Prequel Criticism

Despite talking about the harsh criticism he received for the three prequel editions of the Star Wars franchise, Lucas managed to keep the tone of the video pretty light overall.

At one point, Lucas is asked which Star Wars character he would be if given the option. The director responds that although he loves all the characters found within the franchise, he had to go with Jar Jar Binks, which was presumably a joke.

Lucas did talk briefly about Abrams’ upcoming installment, The Force Awakens, and said that he wanted to know what happened to Darth Vader’s grandchildren (a question used to fluster Abrams in an earlier interview about possible untold secrets) and he was curious to see what Abrams’ decided to do with the Force.

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