George Lucas Apologizes For Comparing Disney To White Slavers

Lucas has now back-peddled after recently saying that selling Star Wars was like selling his kids to white slavers.

At its heart Star Wars is a dramatic soap opera that happens to be set in space.  The story of the original trilogy focused on the Skywalker family with shocking relation revelations in the second and third films.

But another Star Wars family drama is unfolding in real life centered on the creator George Lucas.

George Lucas Apologizes
George Lucas Apologizes

Lucas recently said that selling off the Star Wars movies was like a ‘break-up’ which was ‘very, very hard.’.  The film maker said recently:

‘People don’t actually realize it’s actually a soap opera and it’s all about family problems – it’s not about spaceships,’

‘They decided they were going to do their own thing. They weren’t that keen to have me involved anyway – but if I get in there, I’m just going to cause trouble, because they’re not going to do what I want them to do.

‘And I don’t have the control to do that anymore, and all I would do is muck everything up,’ he said. ‘And so I said, “OK, I will go my way, and I’ll let them go their way”.’

Lucas said that Disney were more concerned with making a ‘retro’ movie to please the fans than staying true to his sci-fi ‘soap opera’.

Clearly bitter about Disney not wanting his input with the new movies, in an interview published on Christmas Day Lucas compared selling Star Wars to Disney for $4billion to selling his kids to white slavers.

Making the 'white slavers' comment last week
Making the ‘white slavers’ comment last week

He has now suddenly backtracked and made this contrasting statement yesterday :

‘I have been working with Disney for 40 years and chose them as the custodians of Star Wars because of my great respect for the company and Bob Iger’s leadership,’

‘Disney is doing an incredible job of taking care of and expanding the franchise. I rarely go out with statements to clarify my feelings but I feel it is important to make it clear that I am thrilled that Disney has the franchise and is moving it in such exciting directions in film, television and the parks.’

‘Most of all I’m blown away with the record breaking blockbuster success of the new movie and am very proud of JJ and Kathy.’

It is sad to see the great film-maker struggling with his break-up in his own way :

‘When you break up with somebody the first rule is no phone calls,’ he said. ‘Every time you do something like that you’re opening the old wounds again you have to just put it behind you. And it’s very, very, very hard to do.’

‘These are my kids, I loved them. I created them. I’m very intimately involved with them.’

The future of Star Wars will not involve George Lucas
The future of Star Wars will not involve George Lucas

Apart from the ‘white slavers’ comment, Lucas also gave other reasons for why he sold Star Wars :

‘I’m 70, I don’t know if I’ll be here when I’m 80,’

After explaining that it takes 10 years to make a trilogy ‘properly’, he also resented fans criticism of the prequels :

‘You go to make a movie and all you do is get criticized. And it’s not much fun,’ Lucas told Vanity Fair. ‘You can’t experiment.’

At the time of writing, The Force Awakens is already the best performing Star Wars movie at the box office and is currently 8th in the all-time global box-office takings.



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