Gary The Dog Has Seen The Force Awakens And Loves it!

Carrie Fisher appeared on Good Morning America and told viewers that her dog Gary has seen The Force Awakens and loves it!

Fisher who plays General Leia in the new Star Wars movie threw convention out of the window and had a hoot delivering a hilarious interview on live TV.



Fisher explained that both her and her dog Gary had seen The Force Awakens and the both loved it!

Fisher encouraged viewers to go and see the movie saying that their tongues will loll out of their mouths like Gary when they see it.

When asked how easy it was to agree on doing the movie, Fisher replied:

“No, I’m a female in Hollywood, over the age of let’s say 40 and then we could also say 50…They don’t have to ask you if you want to work at that age, you’ll see someday.”


Leia and Han in Star Wars The Force Awakens
Leia and Han in Star Wars The Force Awakens


She was then asked about losing weight for the film, for which Fisher answered that it was a stupid question but then followed on with:

“But you’re so thin, let’s talk about it. How do you keep that going on?”

Last week, Carrie responded to the controversy surrounding a Christianity advert banned from being shown before Star Wars in the UK.  She said that ‘People should get a life!’.

Enjoy this wacky and funny interview!


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