Did You Know Star Wars DL-44 Blasters are Gas Powered?

Those colored laser bolts that Star Wars DL-44 blasters fire have to come from somewhere you know

In fact, blasters don’t even fire lasers.

All Star Wars blasters whether pistols, rifles or heavy cannons, use the same basic principle.

So uncivilized” Obi Wan Kenobi

To operate, Star Wars blasters need to be loaded with a cartridge of high energy gas (typically from the gas mines of Tibanna) in addition to being charged with a power pack.

The main core tech inside the blaster called an XCiter converts the released gas as it is excited by energy from the power pack.

Once supercharged, the extremely high energy gas passes through a crystal or lens generating a deadly particle beam fired from the blasters nozzle as a bolt of energy also known as a blaster bolt.

The colour of the blaster bolt is determined by the lens crystal and type of gas used.

Most blaster pistols (the most common blaster type) weighed about 500 grams and required a new power pack every 100 shots, and a new gas cartridge every 500 shots.

 Hokey religions and Ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side Kid” Han Solo

Solo’s DL-44 Heavy Blaster


Han Solo carried a heavy type pistol called a DL-44 which could blast large chunks out of stone walls and was powerful enough to penetrate stormtrooper armour.

Because of this, the Empire placed a restriction order on the DL-44 and effectively outlawed the weapon.

To facilitate his quick-draw, Solo removed the barrel-sight from his DL-44 which was considered by the Empire as an illegal modification.


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