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  1. Hello, we are from company, we love your page and would like to cooperate with you. Can you write us a blog of Wonder Woman and put our link in your page? Or just jut a link?We can sponsor you with our costume or give you some money. What do you think?

  2. Mos Eisley,
    Merry christmas!

    Its Mike from Zeitgaiss. I thought you may find these STAR WARS ornaments worthy of a post, In addition there’s a bunch of new stickers and magnets as well as a cleaned up/out and updated ETSY shop. I added new combo deals , branding and tossed the junk ! Let me know what you think? If you want anything from the shop feel free to let me know and ill send some samples out to you!

    Best regards and Merry Christmas!

    Mike Gaiss


  3. We recently made a Disney style Star Wars fan film parody. It is a cross between “The Parent Trap” and “Star Wars” called, “THE PADAWAN TRAP”. Two sisters; one a Jedi, and the other a Sith, meet up at Jedi Training Girls Camp for the first time and discover that they are sisters. THE PADAWAN TRAP: It’s a family friendly “feel good” movie with comedy, action and great special effects, and a unique story that is also endearing. We’d love for you to watch it, and share if you like it. Thanks.

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