Awesome Speeder Bike Star Wars Moments

I loved the Imperial Speeder Bike as featured in Return Of The Jedi.

Whizzing through the trees at breakneck speed offered on a Speeder Bike was some of the best action scenes in a sci-fi movie.

The 74-Z speeder bike was a military variant of the civilian 74-Y.

Speeder bike Star Wars
Speeder bike Star Wars

Manufactured by Aratech Repulsor Company, these speeder bikes were capable of reaching speeds up to and beyond 500 kph and could fly up to a height of 25 m.

The speeder bikes main purpose was for reconnaissance purposes but could also be used for rapidly transporting troops in combat zones.

The bikes were controlled by handlebars which controlled direction and the footpedals controlled speed and height.

The 74-Z was also equipped with a comlink, a jammer device and a rotating blaster cannon.


Speeder bikes in real life.

Somebody has managed to build a speeder bike using quad copter tech:

A real life prototype has also been made:

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