‘Offended? No. People Should Get A Life’ Says Carrie Fisher

Star Wars actor says banned advert for Christianity is not offensive.

Carrie Fisher who plays General Leia in Star Wars The Force Awakens has criticized UK cinemas for refusing to show an advert by the Church of England featuring the Lord’s Prayer because it might offend people.

The sixty second advert was going to be shown before the movie Star Wars The Force Awakens, but it was rejected by Digital Cinema Media (DCM) despite being passed by the British Board of Film Classification and given a U (Universal) certificate.

Carrie Fisher and fellow Star Wars cast members on the Jimmy Kimmel show.
Carrie Fisher and fellow Star Wars cast members on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Fisher, 59, told the Mail on Sunday she could not conceive of the short film offending moviegoers.

“I have no idea why they would do that. Offended?  No. People should get a life. I don’t think it is offensive to have a ‘power of prayer’ advert before Star Wars.”

Fisher then compared the advert to a copy of the Bible found in hotel rooms.

“I have never seen an advertisement like this, but if the theatre is like a hotel room, then they have every right to put up a power of prayer advert. It’s advertising, so it has to be advertisers that are objecting.”

Other critics of the move by DCM include UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

General Leia
General Leia

DCM says on its website that an advertisement must not “in the reasonable opinion of DCM constitute political or religious advertising”. This means “advertising which wholly or partly advertises any religion, faith or equivalent systems of belief (including any absence of belief) or any part of any religion, faith or such equivalent systems of belief”.

Fisher even took to Twitter to ask her followers if they agreed with the ban of the religious advert.


Fantastic EMPIRE Covers from Star Wars The Force Awakens

This month’s issue of movie mag Empire is a Star Wars The Force Awakens special.

The special issue has fantastic covers depicting characters poses from Star Wars The Force Awakens.

Captain Phasma
Captain Phasma

Also included are exclusive interviews from the cast and crew.

Poe Dameron
Poe Dameron

Even Mark Hamill reveals a tantalizing tidbit of what is to come…

“Obviously you’re seeing him in a very different time in his life. There are lots of surprises in this movie. You’re going to love it.”


Hamill then goes on to tease about his role in Episode 7 :

“It reminded me of when I was in Tunisia on the salt flats. If you could get into your own mind and shut out the crew and look at the horizon , you really felt like you were in a galaxy far, far away. I had that same wave of emotion happen to me when I was on Skellig Michael in Ireland. I wasn’t anticipating it.”

Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren
Rey and BB-8
Rey and BB-8

Most Violent Teaser For The Force Awakens Supports PG-13 Certificate

The latest TV spot for The Force Awakens is perhaps the most violent showcase for Star Wars The Force Awakens, giving more evidence that this will be one of the darkest Star Wars movies after it its recent PG-13 certification.

War torn battles are the theme here showing that the Galaxy is again at war.

Opening with a dramatic red sky behind a battalion of First Order stormtroopers.

Solo's still got it.
Solo’s still got it.

Among the highlights of the teaser are Han Solo shooting a trooper sending him flying backwards and Poe Dameron leading his X-wing aquadron into battle.

A guided missile finds its target
A guided missile finds its target

Supreme Leader Snoke played by Andy Serkis can be heard telling Kylo Ren that even he has never faced such a test, suggesting that Snoke will be the new Sith Jedi Master of the new movies.

Just over 20 days to go now before release!

Why Carrie Fisher Is Ready To Kick Butt As General Leia

No longer a princess of a long dead planet, Carrie Fisher returns to her famous character as a General.

Speaking to Time magazine in a Q&A about the new movie Star Wars The Force Awakens, Fisher (59) said that it wasn’t a tough decision to return to the popular science fiction franchise.

“I’m a female and in Hollywood it’s difficult to get work after 30 – maybe it’s getting to be 40 now. I long ago accepted that I am Princess Leia. I have that as a large part of the association with my identity. There wasn’t a lot of hesitation.”

General Leia in Star Wars The Force Awakens
General Leia in Star Wars The Force Awakens

When asked if her character had changed at all over the years, Fisher replied:

“Oh my God, she got so much older. I tried to stop her, but apparently that includes death so that didn’t seem like a good solution. Along with aging comes life experience so in every way that is consistent with even being human, Leia has changed.”

In the new movies Fisher’s character is called ‘General Leia’, indicating that within the Rebellion (now known as The Resistance) Leia now has even more significance and responsibility and has matured since the original movies.

Leia and Han in Star Wars The Force Awakens
Leia and Han in Star Wars The Force Awakens

When asked if she had brought experiences from her own personal life to the role, Fisher answered:

“Probably, but I try not to. I mean, one hopes that I at least indicate that I have wisdom. Whether I’m successful with that indication or not remains to be seen. And I wear less makeup and I need it more.”

Fisher admitted in the interview that she “miss[es] being young”, citing in particular the memory difficulties that afflict older actors. The most important for the 59-year-old actress – who is 14 years younger than co-star Harrison Ford – was that her character would age gracefully:

“I wear less make-up… I’ve seen pictures of myself with make-up on and I look like those women who look like they’re wearing make-up so they can look young, and I don’t think that’s good.”

Fox News Woman Gets Death Threats For Mocking Star Wars Fans

Fox News contributor Katherine Timpf wonders what all the fuss is about.

Appearing on the late-night political comedy show Red Eye, Timpf admitted receiving death threats after jokingly insulting Star Wars fans getting excited about the latest trailer.

“I have never had any interest in watching space nerds poke each other with their little space nerd sticks, and I’m not going to start now,”


Timpf continued…

“You people are crazy. You Star Wars people are crazy. Yesterday I tweeted something, and all I said was that I wasn’t familiar with Star Wars because I’ve been too busy liking cool things and being attractive — people threatened my life. You’re not really branding yourself in a way that makes me want to join your life-threatening club.”

This week Timpf wrote in the National Review about her thoughts on online bullying and that she wouldn’t be backing down because of the threats.

“A lot of people are clearly a lot of upset. But guess what? I’m not apologizing,” Timpf wrote. “Why? Because the all-too-common knee-jerk reaction of apologizing for harmless jokes after overblown hysteria is ruining our culture. This political-correctness obsession threatens free speech, and I absolutely refuse to be a part of it.”

Timpf then defended her original comments:

“Bottom line: If you are telling me that I should die and/or apologize for making a joke about a movie you like, then you are too sensitive,” Timpf wrote. “You have the problem, not me. I’m sick of oversensitive mobs in our overly sensitive society bullying people into saying that they’re sorry over jokes — even if the subject of the joke is something as serious as Star Wars. So, for that reason, I will not apologize.”

New Finn Teaser Trailer and Sullustan TV Spot!

A few days go by, another TWO brand new Star Wars The Force Awakens trailers to watch!

I’m sorry, but because I haven’t googled ‘New Star Wars Trailer’ in a few days, I’ve actually missed not one but two new trailers!

The latest Teaser-Trailer focuses on Finn, a little bit of back story and how he gets into more than he can chew with Han Solo.

As Solo puts it “Are you sure you are up to this kid?”.

We also get to see Finn fight a Storm Trooper, and troopers of the First Order don’t much around.
Their weapons can deflect lightsabers!

The new upgraded Storm trooper can deflect lightsabers!
The new upgraded Storm trooper can deflect lightsabers!

In the latest TV Spot 7, we get a little of the same previous footage, but there still new things to see.

BB-8 looking cute as usual and rolling around the Falcon during battle…

and we get to see Alien Xwing pilots flying alongside Humans, a Sullustan race.  You will remember a certain Sullustan from Return of the Jedi called Nien Nunb who co-piloted the Falcon with Lando.

Sullustan Xwing pilot
Sullustan Xwing pilot

Just 3 weeks to go, have you got your ticket yet?

Mark Hamill Breaks Silence In First Official The Force Awakens Interview

Mark Hamill The Force Awakens

One of the big talking points resulting from the recent Star Wars The Force Awakens trailers, is the lack of appearance of Luke Skywalker.

What does it mean for the new Star Wars movies, the plot of which being kept a closely guarded secret.

However, Hamill recently spoke to the Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine for his first interview since filming began of the new Star wars movies.

Mark Hamill Interview
Mark Hamill Interview

Hamill summed up his feelings for Star Wars The Force Awakens :

“The new storyline, the new characters, and especially the actors that they chose to play them, are thrilling beyond words.”

Hamill then expanded upon this in more detail :

“It is about setting up the next generation of heroes and villains, but the fact that half a dozen cast members from the originals can be there to place it in some sort of context, to be there for the historical side of things, I think it’s wonderful. … Young people can see the progression of the characters. I’m old enough to be Luke’s grandfather now, and that’s a healthy, natural thing for people to see.”

Mark Hamill and Alec Guinness during filming of A New Hope
Mark Hamill and Alec Guinness during filming of A New Hope

Hamill also commented on the fact he is now the same age as Alec Guiness was during filming of the first Star Wars movie:

“Intellectually, I know I’m the same age as Alec Guinness. Emotionally, I’m thinking, “Are you kidding me?!? I still like The Three Stooges and the Rolling Stones. How could I be old?”

If you were wondering about the Mark Hamill Age, the actor is currently 64 years old and was born September 25th 1951.

Because of legally binding documents, Hamill cannot reveal any plot details about the The Force Awakens, but he did reveal some information about the tone of the new movie:

“I think [THE FORCE AWAKENS] could be every bit as exciting for the audience, [but] it’s not going to be like it was then, when we’re rattling around in the Death Star, and exchanging quips, and jockeying for the affections of the princess. It’s going to be age appropriate. The story has moved on, and our purpose in the story is different than it was then.”

Earlier this week, Hamill also spoke to PC Gamer about Non-Disclosure Agreements and that he can’t even confirm officially that he is in Episode 7!

Darth Vader Vs Batman Epic Battle

Darth Vader Vs Batman! Who would win if Batman battled Darth Vader?

Find out in this incredible Darth Vader vs Batman video which is almost indistinguishable from Hollywood blockbuster movies.

Darth Vader survives a salvo of rockets fired by Batman
Darth Vader survives a salvo of rockets fired by Batman

You really do have to watch it to believe it!

Superman has been captured by Boba Fett with a Kryptonite equipped lightsaber and taken to Darth Vader as a prisoner.

Only Batman can save Superman from his cell on the Death Star!

Darth Vader vs Batman
Darth Vader vs Batman

I actually only just discovered this video and I am amazed I didn’t see it nearly a year ago!


George Lucas Interview Reveals What He Thinks of New Star Wars

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, George Lucas seemed fairly relaxed and a little mischievous in some of his answers.

In exactly one month today, Star Wars The Force Awakens is released, the first new Star Wars movie for over 10 years.

But what does the creator that started it all George Lucas make of this new situation?

Lucas said that after pouring his heart into a movie and having it destroyed by critics, he stopped finding the process as fun.

“You can’t experiment,” Lucas says in the video. “You have to do it a certain way. I don’t like that, I never did. I started out making experimental film and I want to go back to experimental films.”

George Lucas has struggled with Prequel Criticism
George Lucas has struggled with Prequel Criticism

Despite talking about the harsh criticism he received for the three prequel editions of the Star Wars franchise, Lucas managed to keep the tone of the video pretty light overall.

At one point, Lucas is asked which Star Wars character he would be if given the option. The director responds that although he loves all the characters found within the franchise, he had to go with Jar Jar Binks, which was presumably a joke.

Lucas did talk briefly about Abrams’ upcoming installment, The Force Awakens, and said that he wanted to know what happened to Darth Vader’s grandchildren (a question used to fluster Abrams in an earlier interview about possible untold secrets) and he was curious to see what Abrams’ decided to do with the Force.

The Force Awakens TV Spot 4 AND Featurette Trailer Introducing General Hux

We have DOUBLE the trouble today at Mos Eisley Spaceport!

Not only have Disney released yet another TV Spot, TV Spot 4 featuring more footage including Rey and Finn battling it out in the Falcon…

But we also have a teaser trailer for the Disney’s behind the scenes featurette which shows, you guessed it, yet more revealing footage.


The featurette shows an Incom T-70 X-wing used on-set and also introduces bad guy General Hux giving out orders aboard the Starkiller base.


General Hux
General Hux

JJ Abrams revealed some details to EW about the Starkiller base last week:

“It is very much–and it’s acknowledged as such in the movie–apparently another Death Star,” he said. “But what it’s capable of, how it works, and what the threat is, is far greater than what the Death Star could have done. Starkiller Base is another step forward, technologically speaking, in terms of power.”