New Star Wars Movie Trailer 3 Announced

Speculation is currently rife on the Internetz about when we are likely to see the next New Star Wars Movie Trailer, before the movie is released mid December.

This new trailer, or ‘trailer 3’ will actually be the first official Trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens, because if you have been paying attention the first two trailers were in fact teasers, not full-length trailers.

Whatever, trailer or teaser it will be our closest look yet at the movie before the film itself is launched on December 18th.

New Star Wars Movie Trailer Rumour
New Star Wars Movie Trailer Rumour

There was speculation that the new trailer could be released in as little as a couple of weeks, but other rumour mongerers have suggested that as the only major release from Disney in November is The Good Dinosaur on November 25, the new Star Wars trailer could be premiered as late as that.

Like the earlier teasers, it is unlikely we will have an advanced date for ‘Trailer 3’, but it is only a few weeks away whatever happens!

Here is the latest mini-teaser to have been released:

Looking for a Star Wars Lightsaber Replica?

A Star Wars Lightsaber Replica is “An elegant weapon for a more civilized age…”

I remember when Star Wars became cool again in the mid-Nineties and I bought myself a plastic toy lightsaber replica from Toys R Us for $50.

It was cool at the time, but the handle was made from cheap plastic and the blade part had the typical multi-layered cone design which didn’t look that great.

Lightsabers or I should say lightsaber replica‘s have come a long way since then.

Darth Maul Lightsaber
Darth Maul Lightsaber Replica

If you are looking for a good quality lightsaber replica, then you should probably check out the Force FX replica lightsabers.

The Force FX range was created originally by Master Replicas but are now manufactured by Hasbro.

Sturdy machined aluminium has been used as well as moulded plastics.


Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber
Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber Replica

The blade itself is made from sturdy polycarbonate containing 64 bright LEDs that power on in succession, recreating the beam effect found only in FX replica lightsabers.

Like the cheaper toys, the Force FX lightsabers also include motion and detection sensors providing realistic sound effects to make you feel like you are holding a real light saber.

Also available are ‘Battle-ready’ lightsaber replicas that have stronger but thinner blades that can also be detached so you can carry your light saber on your belt.

I would love to get my hands on one these beautifully made prop replica lightsabers. 

These range of light sabers weigh about 4.5 lbs and cost from $165 to $300 depending on the model.


Other brands of Star Wars lightsaber replicas

Ultra Sabers

If you would like a custom built lightsaber replica, then you need a Ultra Saber. You can choose the hilt style, blade type, pommel, metal finish, colour and you can also choose additional lighting effects.

These sabers are not official Star Wars products, but look just as genuine as the licensed ones. The price can vary greatly depending on the overall package chosen.

A Park Saber
A Park Saber

Park Sabers

These are custom built high quality models based on the movie designs. Although not officially licensed, each well known replica lightsaber model from the movies are represented in the Park Sabers range.

The blades themselves are built to withstand impacts and lightsaber also features an LED strip designed to protect against dead spot.


Build Millennium Falcon model step by step each week!

Last Year, De Agostini the model makers launched their subscription based Build Millennium Falcon model.

The weekly magazine Build the Millennium Falcon guides you to build a 1:1 full scale Millennium Falcon model similar to the model used for special effects shots in the movies comes in at 808mm long or nearly 32 inches!

Building the Millennium Falcon
Building the Millennium Falcon model

The best part of a meter, the model is not only huge but also extremely detailed using metal and resin parts. 

The build millennium falcon model is an exact replica of the one used in the movies for the flying scenes.  A larger 5 foot model was used in the original movie, until they needed a smaller model for the more acrobatic stunts of the later films.

You also get electronics included with the model and also pre-painted hull parts.

So what is involved in building a full-scale Millennium Falcon model prop?

De Agostini Millennium Falcon
De Agostini Millennium Falcon

Well, the subscription model is not cheap.  Each issue comes with a small section of the ship with detailed instructions on how to piece it together.

However, this is a two year project in which you have to pick up a magazine each week from the store, or if you subscribe you get one months worth of magazines sent together.

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Because of the length of the project if you do the math, the whole thing will set you back a cool $1500 or £800.

If you don’t fancy forking out such an investment for a Millennium Falcon model, youtube is here to help you watch somebody else build one!

There are a few channels to choose from, but I have a particular favorite that I have been watching, although I think this guy will only be updating once a month from now on.

Check out his latest video update here :

This guy is an experience model maker, so he is doing extra stuff to the model like light blocking and adding additional lighting features to his full scale model!


Latest Update 5/26/16

The build has now progressed to the point where both the top and bottom ring structures are complete and the hull plating for both sides are almost finished.

The motorised boarding ramp has also been installed. The build should now get a lot more interesting as the top and bottom shells will eventually come together with lots of internal compartments in between!

Star Wars Backpack – Which one is best?

What with the new Star Wars movies coming out and the big Battlefront videogame, your kid at school might have a current fixation with Star Wars but do they need a Star Wars Backpack?

To help your kid look cool and be happy, lets have a look at the Star Wars Backpack!

Star Wars Backpack
Star Wars Backpack


There are many Star Wars Backpack s on the market, R2D2, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett backpacks are available.

But according to customer reviews on Amazon, the most popular Star Wars backpack is…

The Big Boy’s Storm Trooper Backpack of course!!!

A sturdy backpack that can be used by adults too, the backpack comes in two flavours, Storm trooper, or Boba Fett which has a more subtle design.

Boba Fett Backpack
Boba Fett Backpack

Here is a good review from Amazon :

I bought this for my husband for his new work bag. He works in IT, so he carries a laptop everyday along with cables and his stuff. This is an awesome star wars backpack with plenty of storage and a section for his laptop. He currently has the Targus brand messenger bag and backpack….this looks like it could also be made by the same company b/c the straps are nice and padded, it has several compartments inside the smaller front pocket for keys, pencils, phone, etc. The Star Wars logo is on one of the shoulder straps and is a nice detail. For the price it is OUTTA THIS WORLD & even though my husband is almost 40 yrs old he is a true Star Wars fan and Boba Fett is his favorite. I’m sure all his work buddies will be jealous 😉

Here is another review :

Bought this for my husband to pack his gear to work. If you’re looking at this star wars backpack it’s because either you or a loved one is clearly a geek with discerning taste. I bought this at just under $60 which I had thought was a bit steep, but love makes you do the stupid. But when the pack arrived I was forced to reevaluate. The bag is well constructed and with definitely hold up well. The extra padding in the internal laptop pocket should help keep your gear safe and the padding in the straps make this pack more comfortable to carry. But what you really want to know is how does it live up to the expectations of your Boba Fett fan? The detailing is beautiful. It actually looks better in person than it does in the photos. My hubby was over the moon excited and couldn’t wait to show it off to his work buddies. Will your Star Wars fan love it? Undoubtedly. And no this isn’t just school age fan quality. This is a great pack for grown ups who need a solid bag, with lots of useful pockets, and lots of Bobba awesomeness! You will not regret the purchase.

Blue Milk Special Cartoon Strips

Hundreds of funny Star Wars cartoon strips to read

I stumbled upon Blue Milk Special today, a brilliant collection of hundreds of Star Wars cartoon strips that parody not only the movies but also EU books too.

Blue Milk refers to the drink Luke is seen drinking in the original Star Wars movie.  Blue milk derives from female Banthas native to the desert planet Tattooine.

Blue Milk Special - Mos Eisley Spaceport
Blue Milk Special – Mos Eisley Spaceport

There are many comic strips to choose from on the Blue Milk Special website.

Not only have some of the EU books been parodied, but even Star Wars Holiday Special the dreadful TV special has been parodied.

Blue Milk Special - Empire Strikes Back
Blue Milk Special – Empire Strikes Back

BB8 Star Wars Droid a must have for Christmas?

BB8 Star Wars tech miniaturised for consumers

Back in April, Star Wars fans were wowed at the celebration convention when as a surprise a real life BB-8 droid rolled on to the stage.

Most people had casually assumed BB-8 the little round rolling droid featured in the teasers was CGI, because the head manages to magically stay up right a-top a rolling sphere.

It is a very clever design (more on the tech later), but now that you can actually go out and buy a remote control BB-8…

Here is what the $150 BB-8 Star Wars Droid can and can’t do:

  • Set in a good quality box which is intended for you to keep, the build quality of the droid itself is also considered good.
  • Set to 1/6 scale, BB-8 will look good on a display shelf and matches well with other Sideshow 1/6 scale star wars figures.
  • Via the required smartphone app, you can control BB-8 manually or make certain moves such as nodding and turning. You can also direct BB8 to move in a square or a figure of eight.
  • BB-8 can also be set to wander off on its own in an automated fashion.
  • Using Augmented Reality you can watch BB-8 (through your app) project a video clip of your choosing in holographic form.
  • You can play certain sounds using the app and also control BB-8 via voice activated commands.
  • Sadly, BB-8 does not contain any AI. It cannot learn pathways by itself. While wandering, if the droid hits something it will correct itself and then veer off in another direction.
  • BB-8 itself does not produce any sounds, you can only hear sounds through the app.
  • BB-8 doesn’t have a camera and holographic projection is only possible by watching the droid through your phone’s camera.


Let’s be honest, the BB-8 Star Wars droid might be a hotly tipped Christmas present for 2015, but at $150 not many young children will be receiving one.
This is geared more towards adults that want BB8 as a collectors item and cool gadget.

Those star wars fans that are prepared to pay the price will enjoy a good quality novelty toy.

So how does the tech work??

Well, it’s not magic!  

The central part of BB-8 is suspended by wheels inside the sphere with a weight at the bottom and a magnet at the top.

This allows the hidden main body to stay upright while the sphere is rolling in any direction, which is of course crucial to keeping the head upright which is magnetically attached to the body.

For more info about how BB-8 works, check out this video:

Thrilling Star Wars Vs Portal Lightsaber duel!

Have you seen this superb fast action lightsaber fight?

Then a portal gun is produced (from the video game Portal) at add extra spice to the mix.

See what happens at the end!

Lightsaber Portal Fight
Lightsaber Portal Fight

I love it when really cool fan videos like this are made, they have a rawness to them that you just wouldn’t get in a proper movie.

I also like the fusion of including a geeky weapon that only gamers would even be aware of.