Is it True that Revenge of the Sith could be the best Star Wars movie ever?

Is revenge of the sith the best star wars movie?

New research shows that comparing only original Star Wars reviews reveals a shock…

What’s you favorite Star Wars movie?

If you are of a certain age and grew up with the originals, the chance are you would say The Empire Strikes Back, the firm fan favorite.

But, that might not be strictly true.  Mike Klimo decided to dig up reviews of all six Star Wars movies that were written ONLY at the time of the movie’s original release.

Mike then fed all the data through Rotten Tomatoes scoring system, and out popped some startling results!

Is Revenge of the Sith the best movie
Is Revenge of the Sith the best movie

This study throws the general consensus into disarray.

The Empire Strikes Back comes in at a luke warm 63%!

But even more surprisingly, Revenge of the Sith is shown as the clear winner at 80%!

Maybe Hayden Christensen’s acting wasn’t that bad after all?

The winner and loser of the study, The Revenge of the Sith and The Phantom Menace.
The winner and loser of the study, The Revenge of the Sith and The Phantom Menace.

But jokes aside, it is a fascinating study into potentially true opinions based on individuals, eliminating any influence at work from the internet.

There was a time when the Internet didn’t exist, let alone aggregate review sites like Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic and IMDB.

Could we have an in-built longing to agree with what our peers say, or what the popular opinion is of something you are passionate about?

The study even has some proven validity showing The Phantom Menace unsurprisingly as the weakest of the six movies.

What’s your favorite Star Wars movie?  Let me know in the comments!

This article was written before The Force Awakens was released, so the new Disney movies were not considered as part of the study.


Darth Vader actor Dave Prowse ‘not interested’ in The Force Awakens

Dave Prowse who played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars movies says he has not even seen the trailer for the new Star Wars movie.

The British Darth Vader actor Prowse (80), told Yahoo! Movies, that he wasn’t “the slightest bit interested” in the new Disney JJ Abrams’ Star Wars:The Force Awakens, or indeed any of the planned new Star Wars movies, unless he got to play Darth Vader once again.

“It depends,” he said. “It depends if I’m playing the part of Darth Vader in it … Yes – then I’d be very interested. But if they’re putting somebody else in Darth Vader’s mask, then I’m not the slightest bit interested.”


Prowse 'not interested at all' in new Star Wars
Prowse ‘not interested at all’ in new Star Wars

When asked if Dave Prowse had seen the new trailer, which has been watched a staggering 50 million times on youtube, Prowse said: “I haven’t seen it at all. No. I’ve seen nothing about it whatsoever. No. No.”He added: “The new film, I know absolutely nothing about. I don’t really want to talk about it as I know nothing about it whatsoever … not being involved in it, I really haven’t got much interest. You know … not a lot, no.”

The Darth Vader actor wore the Sith Lord’s costume for most of the characters screen time in Star Wars (1977), The Empire Strikes Back (1980), and The Return Of The Jedi (1983). He even spoke the characters lines during performances, although his west-country accent was dubbed over by James Earl Jones during post-production.

However, this isn’t the first time Prowse has expressed his disinterest in Star Wars, as he also criticized the prequel trilogy.  “I didn’t like Star Wars I, II and III at all,” he told the Hull Daily Mail in 2013. “I think the common opinion now is they were really bad movies. There’s no comparison with the original movies. They had a much more believable story.”

Yet despite this Prowse still talks about Star Wars on Twitter. @isDARTHVADER
Long standing feud

The feud between George Lucas and David Prowse remains mysterious with various possible reasons being explained by Prowse. The Darth Vader actor, says his health, career and marriage have all suffered since playing the famous villain in the original blockbuster movie trilogy.

And he will refuse to watch the new film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, when it is released. David also revealed that he preferred playing the Green Cross Code man in the long-running road safety campaign — and no longer even owns a Darth Vader mask.

Car wars ... actor as road safety hero the Green Cross Code man
Darth Vader actor as road safety hero the Green Cross Code man PA

The 6ft 6in actor has been cut from the Star Wars family despite his crucial role in the original films which turned co-stars Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher into household names.

He has also been snubbed by film bosses ahead of the release of the seventh movie, which is poised to shatter box office records around the globe, having been tipped to make Disney billions.

Instead David, who battles severe memory loss and gets around in a wheelchair after a leg operation, was snapped at a Comic Con fan convention in Wrexham, north Wales, last month earning a living selling autographs for £20 each.

The former bodybuilder and Commonwealth Games weightlifter said:

“I’ve only got one favourite memory of filming Star Wars and that is when my very first cheque arrived. No one bothered to contact me about the new movie and to be honest I don’t care. I don’t even own Darth Vader’s mask anymore. Today I am a shadow of my former self. I can barely walk and struggle to even remember what I did yesterday.

My wife won’t have anything to do with Darth Vader and says Star Wars has been an intrusion into our life. People ask what went wrong with George Lucas but to be honest, I still don’t really know. All I know is that I am one of the film’s best characters. It was Darth Vader people talked about the most, not Harrison Ford or Carrie Fisher.

Those behind the film cut me out and have continued to ignore me for years. So do I have any interest in watching the new movie? No, I don’t.”

David fell out with director Lucas, 71, after he was accused of leaking the crucial plot twist that Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker’s father before the release of 1980 sequel The Empire Strikes Back.

He still starred in Return Of The Jedi, the final film of the initial Star Wars trilogy, but in 2010 was banned from official Star Wars conventions when their relationship soured further.

Vader to stunned ... Prowse at convention
Prowse at convention

The final straw was believed to be when David appeared in the 2010 anti-Lucas documentary The People vs George Lucas.

He has claimed he did not know what the interview was for. He said: “You have no idea where these interviews are going to go and this one found its way on to the documentary.

“Obviously Lucas didn’t like it.”

The first installment in the new trilogy is one of the most eagerly awaited films in history. Its world premiere is in Los Angeles tomorrow, with the European premiere in London the following day.

It has been claimed David, originally from Bristol but now living in Croydon, South London, was upset because his voice wasn’t used for the original films. The dialogue was spoken by US actor James Earl Jones.

Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia in the movies, has claimed the film’s stars nicknamed him “Darth Farmer” because of his West Country accent.

Another theory on their fall-out was that director Lucas promised David he would remove his mask and be seen at the end of the third movie, Return Of The Jedi, but actor Sebastian Shaw was used instead. David blasted back:

“I can’t remember leaking anything. I definitely upset George Lucas at one stage or other and I do feel disappointed about that. People thought I was upset that my voice was not used. But I did the voice all the way through the movie. It had to be re-recorded as everything was no good.

But they forgot to get me to do the dubbing before they went back to America and it was too expensive to fly me out there for the half-dozen or so lines I had, so they got James Earl Jones, who did a wonderful job. They put the block on me doing the Star Wars convention every year to celebrate the film. It annoys me intensely but there is nothing I can do about it.”

Darth time ... James Earl Jones voiced Vader role
James Earl Jones voiced Vader role

David even revealed Darth Vader was not his favourite role. He preferred dressing as kids’ superhero the Green Cross Code man for the British road safety campaign which ran between 1971 and 1990.

He was awarded an MBE in 2000 for his association with the character and said:

“My best ever job was the Green Cross Code man. I had 14 years of going around schools and giving talks to children. It was the best time of my life.”

After Lucas sold the movie rights to Disney for £2.66billion in 2012, original cast members Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford were all signed up. Even Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2 are set for a return.

Although Darth Vader was killed off at the end of the first trilogy, David still believes he could have been involved in some way.

“I have never had a call from anyone to be in the new movie. Nobody even bothered to get in contact to ask me about my association with this movie. There was no way I could come back as Darth Vader, as he was killed off, but it would have been nice to have been offered a part, irrespective of the role. It would have been really nice to continue with the Star Wars association.

When the new film was being made they had a big party to launch it and I never got invited. It is so strange as Darth Vader was the most important character. No matter who you talk to about Star Wars, the one person people want to talk about is Darth Vader.”

Not Vader way ... Sith villain is one of movie's most recognisable characters
Sith villain is one of movie’s most recognisable characters

Dad-of-three David attended the Wrexham Comic Con convention last month, where he set up a stall selling autographs for £20.

He now makes his living attending fan events.

David believed his contract for Return Of The Jedi gave him a share of the film’s profits, but he claims not to have received any cash.

Before Star Wars, he was British champion weightlifter and played a bodyguard in 1971 cult hit A Clockwork Orange, which is where is he said to have been spotted by Lucas.

And while Darth Vader is one of the world’s best-loved baddies, one person who was not enamoured by the character is David’s wife of 52 years, Norma.

The couple have lived in the same house — the only home they have owned — since 1964. But David sometimes has to remind his wife that the living he makes attending conventions and selling autographs and photos through his website is what supports them financially.

“I go to a convention every weekend, it dominates my life. But she doesn’t want to know about it. Then I get annoyed and say, ‘Have a look around this house. You have a car in the drive and we have a lovely garden. Everything in this house has been paid for by f****** Star Wars, so be f****** grateful!’

When I say that she just goes quiet and doesn’t know what to say.”

On his health issues, David added: “I had an operation on both my hips ages ago and although the hip replacement is OK, my right leg won’t straighten properly.

“As a result I can’t walk two yards without crutches. I can’t put any pressure on my leg. If it’s a distance then I have to get wheelchair assistance. My memory is not much better either. I filmed Star Wars nearly 40 years ago and I can’t really remember any of it. I can’t even remember what I did yesterday, let alone last week. I did have prostate cancer and I got the all clear. However, I can’t remember how long ago that was either.

I haven’t been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, but it’s very hard for me.”


Ingenious General Grievous Costume!

If you thought creating a General Grievous costume would be impossible for Halloween, think again!

At a previous Comic-Con, an imaginative General Grievous costume was on display.

It’s a very clever costume that hides most of the human body and emphasizes the droids cybernetic limbs.

Comic Con are annual fan conventions that celebrate comics in many cities across the world, although San-Diego has the trademark for Comic-Con with a hypen.

Amazing Star Wars Battlefront 3 Trailer Just Launched!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that a new Star Wars movie is imminent and also the Star Wars Battlefront 3 game.

Well, the Star Wars Battlefront 3 trailer has just landed and gives us some fantastic glimpses of the final game which lands next month.

Not to be confused with the new sequel Star Wars movie The Force Awakens, the Star Wars Battlefront 3 trailer focuses on the original Trilogy movies – the Rebellion against the Empire.

If you are a gamer, you will likely know that gaming hasn’t been very kind to the Star Wars franchise for, well for a good 15 years!

Back in the 1990’s most Star Wars games were awesome, but in this Millenium bar Knights of the Old Republic, and maybe Star Wars TOR (if you like MMO’s) there just have not been many GREAT Star Wars games.


Star Wars Battlefront 3 Trailer
Star Wars Battlefront 3 Trailer

But the new rebooted Star Wars Battlefront 3 trailer hopes to change all that as it has a few things in its favor:

  • Everybody knows that this is Battlefield in Star Wars colors, which is no bad thing.  The guys at DICE have produced a fantastic game engine called Frostbite, so we can almost already imagine how awesome this game is going to be. 
  • This is the probably the first big Star Wars game that has focused on the classic original trilogy for a very long time indeed!  Classic scenes like the Battle of Hoth have never looked so highly detailed. 
  • As a bonus, there is a new Star Wars movie around the corner, not something you can say everyday.  So we are already pumped up for Star Wars as it is!

Who was Captain Antilles and was he related to Wedge?

Captain Antilles from the original Star Wars movie was in charge of the Corellian Blockade Runner, the Alderaan consular ship Tantive IV.

He was not related to X-wing pilot Wedge Antilles as the name Antilles was very common throughout the galaxy.

Captain Antilles received orders from Senator Bail Organa

Captain Antilles received orders from Senator Bail Organa

Captain Antilles’ name was Raymus Antilles who served the Alderaan Fleet under Senator Bail Organa during the Clone Wars and the beginning of the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire.

Captain Antilles was an experienced pilot who had captained the Corvette Sundered Heart for many years, and under Bail Organa’s command helped the Jedi Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda escape Coruscant after the transmission of Order 66 designed to wipe out the Jedi.

We intercepted no transmissions. This is a consular ship… We’re on a diplomatic mission…
If this is a consular ship, where is the ambassador?
―Captain Antilles and Darth Vader

But Antilles was most famous for helping steal the Death Star plans 19 years later.  He commanded Blue Squadron that used X-wings as scouts for the Tantive IV.

However, Captain Antilles mission became unstuck when his ship was unable to escape the Tatooine system due to an Interdictor cruiser activating its gravity well which prevented any ship close by from entering Hyperspace. This allowed the Star Destroyer Devastator to intercept and capture the Tantive IV. 

Captain Antilles meets his end
Captain Antilles meets his end in Star Wars: A New Hope

After storming the ship with his troops, Darth Vader murdered Captain Antilles after he refused to tell the Sith Lord where the Death Star plans were. Fortunately for the rebels, Princess Leia uploaded the plans into R2D2 who escaped to the surface of Tatooine via an escape pod along with C3PO. 


Who played Captain Antilles?

Raymus Antilles was played by Peter Geddis in A New Hope and Rohan Nichol played a younger Captain Antilles in Revenge of the Sith.  

George Lucas thought that Denis Lawson, the actor that played Wedge Antilles in the original trilogy, might make a cameo as Raymus Antilles (much as Jeremy Bulloch who played Boba Fett had a cameo as Captain Jeremoch Colton who was also stationed on the Sundered Heart as a pilot). However, Lawson turned down the offer, and Lucas returned to his original choice, Nichol. Denis Lawson would later turn down yet another role for Wedge Antilles in The Force Awakens.

During filming for Revenge of the Sith, Rohan Nichol suffered an accidental shaving incident leaving a noticeable nick on his chin that would not stop bleeding. After apologizing to George Lucas for the blemish, Lucas jokingly responded that the character “must have gotten it in the Clone Wars”.

What was the Star Wars Slave 1 starship?

The Star Wars Slave 1 ship was heavily modified from a fairly rare niche-market source.

Kuat Drive Yard’s Firespray patrol craft saw only limited production, as it was too heavily armed for civilian use yet was underpowered by Kuat’s home-defence standards.

Furthermore, Firesprays prove too robust, modular, and user serviceable to support a profitable post-sale maintenance business. Although bad for the manufacturer, these characteristics made it a perfect starship for an independent Bounty Hunter like Jango Fett which would eventually be named Slave 1.

Slave 1
Slave 1

Originally stolen by Jango on the asteroid prison Oovo 4 , Slave 1 has been extensively modified after a few harsh space battles. Jango has added spartan crew quarters for long hunts, since the original Firespray was furnished for shorter-term patrol’s.  In addition, the police regulation prisoner cages have been converted into less humane, coffin-like wall cabinets to ensure control of captives.

Slave 1’s tail blaster cannons are the only overt weaponry retained from the standard Firespray, but they have been enhanced with finer aim and variable power. Rapid fire laser cannons concealed amidships have less control than the tail guns, but deliver kiloton-scale energy bolts at a greater rate. Fett has installed physical armaments as well, an adapted naval minelayer deals nasty surprises to hasty pursuers, and a concealed frontal double rack of torpedoes fulfills the role of a guided heavy assault weapon.


Jango Fett in pursuit of Obi Wan Kenobi
Jango Fett in pursuit of Obi Wan Kenobi

Originally one of several prototype patrol ships made by Kuat systems engineering, Slave 1 is an extremely rare and distinctively designed starship. Jango Fett pilots a viciously effective, customised starship with superior shielding combined with high endurance levels, and heavy arsenal of overt and hidden weapons.

At first glance, the rugged vessel is recognisable as an ordinary Firespray class law enforcement patrol ship. However, closer inspection reveals a montage of patched, rebuilt, and enhanced equipment attesting to its unsavory usage.  Jango favours this uncommon but unexotic craft for the element of disguise it affords him, as one of the galaxy’s most proficient mercenaries, he nonetheless chooses to work in discrete obscurity, remaining unrecognised by the most highly placed security officers and criminals alike.

Jango Fett upgraded Slave 1’s original blaster cannons so they can be fired with greater precision as well as function in planetary atmospheres or interstellar vacuum.

When Obi Wan Kenobi pursued Fett from Kamino to Geonosis, Fett’s weaponry onboard Slave 1 was simply too much for the nimble Jedi Starfighter, forcing Kenobi to hide behind an asteroid making Fett believe he had been destroyed by a concussion missile.

After Jango was killed by Jedi Master Mace Windu, Slave 1 was inherited by Boba Fett a clone of Jango, grown especially on request as an adopted son.

Slave 1 on Kamino
Slave 1 on Kamino

Slave 1 Original Design

Nilo Rodis-Jamero assistant art director on The Empire Strikes Back was inspired by a radar dish when designing the Slave 1 ship. Nilo said that the dish shape was originally round, but it looked elliptical when looking at it from the side. George Lucas also felt that it should be elliptical and so the Slave 1’s shape was created that way.

Despite this, other people incorrectly thought that the ship looked like a street lamp and felt that was the inspiration for the design.

Star Wars Prequels : The Fall of the Galactic Republic

Here is an edited version of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy that you might enjoy!

Called The Fall of the Galactic Republic, this edit is the Star Wars Prequels nailed down to 3.5 hours.

One of the weaknesses of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, was that the script was quite weak.

This was mainly due to the fact that this time around, the story just wasn’t that interesting.


Update: Star Wars Fall of the Galactic Republic has since been removed from youtube.  Here is a similar alternative called The Last Turn to the Dark Side :

Did we really care about trade disputes and political maneuvering of the Galactic Republic?

The prequels also proved that perhaps massive Jedi battles might not be quite as interesting as a lone rookie Jedi shouldering all the responsibility of the Galaxy himself.

Conveyor belt droid factory scene
Conveyor belt droid factory scene

A particular peeve of mine is when the Star Wars prequels become almost cartoon like, partly due to the over reliance of CGI and partly due to the focus on younger audiences. For me, the worst scene is in The Attack Of the Clones, when Anakin Skywalker, Padme, and the droids are faced with a conveyor belt of insectoid enemies. It is literally like watching some immature cartoon.

But that is enough bitching about the prequels, enjoy the Star Wars Fall of the Galactic Republic video above!  

The Galactic Republic

The Galactic Republic, commonly referred to simply as the Republic, and later also known as the Old Republic, was the democratic union that governed the galaxy for a thousand years prior to the rise of the Galactic Empire. The Republic was aided by the efforts of the Jedi Order, who stood as the guardians of peace and justice, enabling the Republic to be free of full-scale conflict for over a thousand years. However, thirty-two years before the Battle of Yavin, the Galactic Republic suffered its first major crisis in millennia during the Invasion of Naboo, which ultimately led to the Clone Wars ten years later.

During this galaxy-wide conflict, the Republic underwent a massive military buildup through the support of Senators in the Galactic Senate, who were led by the democratically elected Supreme Chancellor, Sheev Palpatine. Unbeknownst to all but a select few, Palpatine was in reality the Dark Lord of the Sith, and had engineered the crisis to supplant himself as Galactic Emperor, effectively doing so nineteen years before the Battle of Yavin. After the Jedi had learned of his true nature, Palpatine enacted Order 66, a protocol engineered into the clone troopers of the newly formed Grand Army of the Republic to turn against their Jedi masters, effectively wiping away the Jedi Order in an instant—all while Palpatine announced the creation of the first Galactic Empire.

10 Cool Star Wars Facts You Didn’t Know

I came across this video about 10 Cool Star Wars Facts You Didn’t Know.

It’s pretty neat, check it out and read up on the facts below.

Here are the 10 Cool Star Wars Facts You Didn’t Know:

1. Lucas originally wanted Steven Spielberg to direct Return of the Jedi, but Lucas had dropped out of the directors guild union due to controversy surrounding the famous opening text crawl. So Lucas had to choose a non-union director, Richard Marquand for the job.

2. Liam Neeson arguably saved The Phantom Menace from being a total shambles. But Liam apparently agreed to play the role of Qui Gon-Jinn without reading the script! I wonder if he would have accepted if he knew how poor the writing was?

3. When Darth vader announces that he is Luke’s father, it was such a shock that it was believed that kids just would not buy it. So in ROTJ, Yoda confirms to Luke that his father is Vader to dispel any doubt.


Solo's DL-44 blaster
Solo’s DL-44 blaster

4. Harrison Ford did not sign up in advance for the two Star Wars sequels unlike his fellow co-stars.  As a result Han Solo gets frozen in ESB just in case he didn’t return for ROTJ.

5. Lando Calrissian was originally meant to be a clone from the clone wars of Episode 2.  Fortunately it was decided Lando was just too cool and smooth to be a clone.

6. Amazingly, Luke was originally meant to turn to the dark side after defeating Darth Vader. Luckily for all our childhoods, Luke remained good and had a touching scene with his father before the end.


Famous Star Wars Quotes
Famous Star Wars Quotes

7. Lucas was disappointed when he showed the first rough cut of Star Wars to his fellow directors most of whom though the movie was terrible including Brian de Palma. Only Spielberg could see the potential of the movie being a hit.

8. Gary Kurtz producer of the first two Star Wars movies disagreed with Lucas with the direction Star Wars was going, preferring poignant stories to special effects and spectacle. As a result, Kurtz left before ROTJ and we all know how the prequels turned out.

9. After the sequels were called Episodes V and VI, Episode IV was later added to the original Star wars movie, even though the prequels were not yet planned.

10. Certain characters names such as Palpatine, the Ewoks and even the word ‘Ewok’ are never mentioned in the movies, except the end credits. Boba Fett’s name is not mentioned in The Empire Strikes Back.  But we all knew these names due to the power of merchandising such as the action figures, books and comics. It is hard to imagine talking about some of these characters without knowing their actual names!

Who was Zam Wesell, the mysterious assassin?

Zam Wesell was a female shape-changer of the species called Clawdite.

As an experienced bounty hunter, Zam Wesell from the planet Zolan was working with Jango Fett on assignment to assassinate Senator Padme Amidala.

Zam Wesell attempted to kill Padme by blowing up her ship, but the target was a decoy, one of Padme’s staff. Wesell then released poisonous Kouhuns into Padme’s apartment, but the senator managed to escape with the assistance of two Jedi.

A mission ended in failure when Zam Wesell was caught by Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.  Zam was just about to reveal who she was working with when Fett killed her with a kaminoan saberdart.

Check out out where it goes wrong for Zam Wesell in Coruscant below:

Zam Wesell Background

In her true form, Wesell was a reptilian-like humanoid, although she often appeared as a Human woman with short blonde or bronze-colored hair. She trained in the ways of the Mabari warriors on her homeworld of Zolan before eventually being labeled a heretic and fleeing to the commercial center of Denon.

To escape, Wesell took the form of a human woman and took a job in personal security. Over time, she moved up through the ranks by honing her skills, gathering equipment, saving finances and making valuable contacts which eventually allowed her to begin a career in bounty hunting.

Wesell first encountered the bounty hunter Jango Fett in 32 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin) during his search for Bando Gora outlaw leader Komari Vosa. After assisting Fett in his scheme to defeat Vosa, the two began to develop a friendship that was propagated by their periodic partnership on various contracts. One such contract arose in 27 BBY when the two bounty hunters were seeking the Infant of Shaa ancient artifact and superweapon on behalf of the Dug Fernooda.
Originally pitted against each other, the pair agreed to work together to capture the idol. It was then revealed to Wesell that a seedy underworld general planned to use it to destroy the Republic capital world of Coruscant. At Wesell’s lead, Fett joined in the hunt to retrieve the artifact and save Coruscant. During this incident, Wesell made use of her developed shapeshifting abilities. This skill was also employed in her other exploits, such as the hunt for Kuati Hurlo Holowan, which was subcontracted by Jango Fett.
Zam Wesell's true reptilian form.
Zam Wesell’s true reptilian form.

Zam Wesell’s Airspeeder

Hired assassins Zam Wesell flies an airspeeder that is as unusual and exotic as she is herself. The totally self-enclosed craft has no external thrusters and few air intakes because it was built for use on hostile, primitive worlds.

Its repulsorlift units provide anti-gravity support, while other mechanisms generate radiation and electromagnetic fields that move the craft by dragging upon the air. This system is versatile enough for use in a huge variety of atmospheres. However, in urban areas outdoor power lines can smack the proportion fields and confound the steering, although this merely provides an extra means of traction to a cunning mercenary like Wesell.

Zam Wesell
Zam Wesell’s Airspeeder

The Koro-2’s forward mandibles operate as an external electromagnetic propulsion system. They intensely irradiate the air around them to induce ionisation and make it conductive. Electrodes on each mandible project powerful electric currents across the gap, and the electrified airstream is magnetically propelled towards the rear, therefore passing thrust to the speeder.

The speeder was designed for scouts exploring the wastelands of worlds lacking complex native life.  Zam Wesell acquired hers on one of the billions of anonymous young, Highly-metalliferous planets dominated by the resource hungry Mining Guild in the Galaxy’s spiral arms. Her use of it in downtrodden urban environments would dismay its designers.

Zam Wesell
Zam Wesell

Zam Wesell’s speeder creates some hazardous side-effects that amuse the callous hunter. Irradiation zones are constrained around the mandibles, but can sicken unknowing innocent bystanders along the vehicle’s path. Furthermore, drag-stream ions recombine chemically into unpleasant forms as they pass the cabin. In breathable atmospheres the products can include noxious gases that leave a foul reek in the speeder’s wake.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer 3

It’s finally here.

After getting teased with 10 second mini teasers, the official full length Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer is out there for all to see!

The trailer looks great, a slow pace to start with introducing the main female protagonist called Rey, I hear rumors that she is a Skywalker relative, but I’m trying to avoid spoilers – impossible I know!


Star wars trailer 3 Xwing
Star wars trailer 3 Xwing

After a menacing promise from Kylo Ren, the trailer explodes with classic star wars scenes including dog fights, chases and blaster duels.


Star Wars Trailer 3 Han Solo
Star Wars Trailer 3 Han Solo

The movie The Force Awakens is out December 18th.