10 Cool Star Wars Facts You Didn’t Know

I came across this video about 10 Cool Star Wars Facts You Didn’t Know.

It’s pretty neat, check it out and read up on the facts below.

Here are the 10 Cool Star Wars Facts You Didn’t Know:

1. Lucas originally wanted Steven Spielberg to direct Return of the Jedi, but Lucas had dropped out of the directors guild union due to controversy surrounding the famous opening text crawl. So Lucas had to choose a non-union director, Richard Marquand for the job.

2. Liam Neeson arguably saved The Phantom Menace from being a total shambles. But Liam apparently agreed to play the role of Qui Gon-Jinn without reading the script! I wonder if he would have accepted if he knew how poor the writing was?

3. When Darth vader announces that he is Luke’s father, it was such a shock that it was believed that kids just would not buy it. So in ROTJ, Yoda confirms to Luke that his father is Vader to dispel any doubt.


Solo's DL-44 blaster
Solo’s DL-44 blaster

4. Harrison Ford did not sign up in advance for the two Star Wars sequels unlike his fellow co-stars.  As a result Han Solo gets frozen in ESB just in case he didn’t return for ROTJ.

5. Lando Calrissian was originally meant to be a clone from the clone wars of Episode 2.  Fortunately it was decided Lando was just too cool and smooth to be a clone.

6. Amazingly, Luke was originally meant to turn to the dark side after defeating Darth Vader. Luckily for all our childhoods, Luke remained good and had a touching scene with his father before the end.


Famous Star Wars Quotes
Famous Star Wars Quotes

7. Lucas was disappointed when he showed the first rough cut of Star Wars to his fellow directors most of whom though the movie was terrible including Brian de Palma. Only Spielberg could see the potential of the movie being a hit.

8. Gary Kurtz producer of the first two Star Wars movies disagreed with Lucas with the direction Star Wars was going, preferring poignant stories to special effects and spectacle. As a result, Kurtz left before ROTJ and we all know how the prequels turned out.

9. After the sequels were called Episodes V and VI, Episode IV was later added to the original Star wars movie, even though the prequels were not yet planned.

10. Certain characters names such as Palpatine, the Ewoks and even the word ‘Ewok’ are never mentioned in the movies, except the end credits. Boba Fett’s name is not mentioned in The Empire Strikes Back.  But we all knew these names due to the power of merchandising such as the action figures, books and comics. It is hard to imagine talking about some of these characters without knowing their actual names!

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